Epiphone Sq 180 Everly Brothers Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Sq 180 Everly Brothers Acoustic Guitar - Image 1Epiphone Sq 180 Everly Brothers Acoustic Guitar - Image 2
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Epiphone SQ 180 Everly Bros. Acoustic Guitar

The item you are bidding is an Epiphone SQ 180 Everly Brothers Acoustic Guitar.

The serial number is #1101954 making it made in Korea in 1991 and is the 1954th guitar produced.


I’m a big fan of the Epiphone SQ 180 and the Gibson J 185 and J 180 Everly Bros. guitars. This guitar has been recently setup with a new coronite bridge and is strung with light gauge brass wound strings.  This is my last Epiphone model.

I replaced the original pickgaurds myself with the white ones you see in the photos. I’ve done this on a number of these guitars for people (no I do not have the originals – they were film pickgaurds and looked shitty). It recreates the look of the 2 custom models which were given to the Everly Brothers by Gibson in 1963… http://home.provide.net/~cfh/everly.html

The replacement pickgaurds actually made the guitar sound better i.e. a much less tinty, treble sound and more full bodied.

This guitar has a very thin, “V” shaped neck – good if you have small hands – and very easy to play. This is a great strumming guitar, especially in an open tuning – it is not good for slide. It does not have a pickup in it.


Issues – I pull no punches when I sell a guitar, so I try to describe them as well as I can – regardless of any issues - please feel free contact me with any questions.

I’ve hung on to this guitar for a quite a while and have played it a lot – it’s a good utility guitar. It is, IMO, in good condition, plays well and sounds great. It has dings on it, notably one on the headstock, the front (pictured) and the back (similar to the front, not pictured).  It has scratches and smudges in the finish on the front, and it’s marked up on the back with scratches, rub marks, button marks. It’s very difficult to photograph the scratches, smudges and marks as the guitar is black – I can try if you really need see them however if you’re familiar with the look of a heavily played guitar or gigged use, you most likely no what I mean. It’s one person’s beat up guitar and another person’s cool road warrior. I’ve used it for some recording - great for rhythm tracks – and have gigged with it. I will not take out my Gibson models. It comes with a generic cover style gig bag. Time to say goodbye to this guitar as I don’t play much acoustic these days and it’s just lying around – it needs to be played.


Sold “As Is” --- Payment is via PayPal.

Shipping is $25.00

I do not ship outside the continental United States, so please don’t ask.


Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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