Epiphone Texan Acoustic 1960s

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Epiphone Texan, Model FT79, serial number 097053. I think this guitar dates from the years 1964-1967. This is a really cool old guitar but with many signs of wear and age. Extensive finish checking over most of the body and headstock. There are chips in the finish around the soundhole and the finish has been partially worn off the neck around the first 3 frets on the bass side. The fingerboard is worn in the first 3 frets on the treble strings. The original tuners were replaced pre-1984 when I bought the guitar (has Grovers now), and the pickguard is lifting up a bit in one spot - could be easily reglued. This sounds like a really damaged guitar, but the issues are just cosmetic. This guitar has a nice mellow tone, very woody. The neck is a bit small for my hands and I always felt like my fingers were a little bunched up playing cowboy chords. This guitar would be nice for someone with smaller hands or looking for an inexpensive vintage instrument. Has the adjustable bridge which makes it easy to raise and lower the action with just a screwdriver. Comes with cover-worn but very serviceable HSC with all intact latches. 

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